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Coop Mortgage Rates

New York, NYC, NYS, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Upstate. Highrise, Condo, Coop, 100% Financing.

Cooperative Property Mortgage Loans - Jumbo, High LTVs and Credit Grade. True equity based lending available for low fico scores on Coops. No income check available. Foreclosures ok. Bad Credit Coop Mortgage Loan Ok.

Eastland Mortgage offers low interest, low payment rate programs on Coop mortgage loans.
Jumbo high-rise coop mortgage loans
do not have add ons.
A Coop mortgage loan in NY that is conforming may qualify for great coop rates with perfect credit, and with credit scores as low as 510. Even with a few mortgage lates, a coop owner may qualify for a standard mortgage loan rate with Eastland. Try Eastland Mortgage for a co-op mortgage loan quote. We are exceptionally competative and will expedite the coop mortgage loan process!

  • $50,000 to $1,500,000 - for coop mortgage loans in New York
  • $1,000,000 and above for asset based loans, Nationwide
  • Commercial Mortgages Nationwide - All 50 States - Residential Coop Loans New York, NYC
  • Bad credit mortgages OK for coop mortgage loan applicants.
  • All mortgage situations considered including bankruptcy, foreclosure
  • 24 Hour Approvals / Emergency Closings
  • Program designed for maximum savings and or Quick Close and Credit Rebuilding
  • Asset based loan program, Based on property value option
  • LOW INTEREST Rates: Conforming from 4.5 APR to non conforming for problem credit 7%-11.9 APR
  • LTVs up to 95% - ^5-70 for Asset Based Coop Loans
  • All coop property types considered.
  • Loan based on lesser of appraised or sales price.
  • Conforming or Non Conforming Loan size or credit grades.
  • Investor Coop Mortgage Loans -Purchase to 75% Cash out Investor Coop to 70% Loan To Value
  • Private Money available for NYC & Florida Coops.
Co-op, Coop Mortgage Loan - Low Interest Rate, All Credit Types, Jumbo, Highrise, No addons
High rise coop mortgage loans available with low interest rates.

or immediate coop mortgage rate and loan information, call us directly at:
1-631-725-5000 or email Eastland. Let our experience work for you.
Coop mortgage financing
is made easy at Eastland.


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