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Refinance Mortgage Jumbo Mortgage Super Jumbo Coop Mortgage
Coop Loan
No/Low Down Payment Mortgage Sub-Prime Mortgage
(Bad Credit /Low Fico)
Hard Money Bridge Loan Commercial Mortgages Commercial Hard


Jumbo Mortgage Rate
New York Refinance.
$417,00 to $20,000,000

Jumbo Mortgage Loan financing High LTVs
True equity based lending. No income check available.

SUPER JUMBO Mortgage Loans for: 2nd Homes, Vacation Property, & Luxury
Home Mortgage. Jumbo Coop Mortgage, High Rises, Condos.
Commercial & Investor Jumbo Mortgages: NATIONWIDE.
Jumbo Home Mortgage Loans: New York

Special Jumbo Purchase Mortgage : 100% Financing
Jumbo Loan 100% - To 1 Million
Super Jumbo Mortgage Loan 90-95% to $3,000,000 and up.

  • $417,000 to $20,000,000
  • Nationwide Property, Commercial Mortgage, Investor Loans- All 50 States
  • New York Refinance - Purchase 100% Financing
  • High Fico Score Reward-Jumbo Mortgage Rates as low as conforming
  • Low Closing Costs on Jumbo Mortgage Loans
  • Interest Only Option on Super Jumbo Mortgage Loans
  • 24 Hour Approvals / Emergency Mortgage Closings
  • Stated Income or No Verification Available for
    Our Lowest Rate Program!
  • High Fico Score - 100% Financing Up to 1 Million
  • Hard Money Bridge Loan- to 70%
  • Finance all jumbo mortgage closing costs
  • Save thousands on closing cost jumbo mortgage
    consolidation loans!
  • Updated Appraisal Ok - IMMEDIATE SITE VISITS
Jumbo Mortgage Rate New York. Jumbo Mortgage Interest Only. Interest Only Mortgage. Low Payment Mortgage. Super Jumbo. No PMI Mortgage.
Let Eastland Mortgage save you thousands on your Super Jumbo Mortgage Loan, with a low cost jumbo mortgage quote and low rate guarantee. Zero fee option for all jumbo mortgage programs!
APPLY NOW - By Phone Contact Eastland Mortgage: at 516-364-1500 or email us for a fast quote.
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beat rate policy

Nationwide Commercial, Investor
Luxury Home 2nds, Special Coop Highrise programs New York, California, Florida, Texas, Washington, NYC, LA, HI. CT, WA, Nationwide..

Why Consider an

Interest Only Mortgage Loan?

An "Interest Only Mortgage" will reduce the monthly mortgage payment as low as possible during the first 5 or 10 years.

The most common interest only option is the 5 year, however 10 year "Interest Only Mortgage" loans are becoming much more in demand.

With escalating home prices, many home owners feel the equity will build, and they can repay part of the principle off when they sell or refinance the property at a distant & later date. This can be a good idea, provided the property is certain to increase in value.
Interest Only Mortgage Loans are very popular in New York, California, Washington State, and East Coast areas of Florida where home prices have skyrocketed and are in the millions for a upper middle income housing development.

Interest Only Interest Rate
The rate is the same at Eastland Mortgage. We do not charge and "add-on" of any kind. For high fico scores we can sometimes discount a Jumbo Interest Only Mortgage to the same or below that of a conforming Fannie Mae loan.

Please contact a loan officer to for today's rate.


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