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About Us

Who We Are..

Established in 1992, Eastland Mortgage serves the East Coast for commercial, investor and construction mortgage financing. Eastland specializes exclusively in Construction & Commercial Mortgage Financing Nationwide. Eastland serves New York, NJ, CT,and Florida along the East Coast of the US. Eastland has affiliates in California which serve the South & West Coast. Eastland offers nationswide programs through its correspondent lending programs.

Our IT (information technology) department is advanced and can deliver investors, commercial property owners, and builders, a true credit approval in less than 60 minutes, subject to credit and title clearance. We are fully utilizing technology to expedite all functions of loan origination and processing. Your appraisal and title report are never "snail" mailed. All documents are received .pdf and are here within seconds of their completion.

Our approach is always customer service driven. Many companies claim to put customers first, but actions speak louder than words. Eastland representatives understand that stress can be minimized or completely eliminated if communication is professional at all times. All contact representatives are well trained, informed and competent. Moreover, we all look forward to assisting our customers. As the saying goes "There is no such thing as a silly question" and we mean that at Eastland. We welcome your questions and will happily give a no obligation, consultation and or pre-qualification to you.





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