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Loans For Multi Family Buildings

1-14 Apartments

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Multi Family Loans

Eastland Mortgage utilizes the estimated completion value of an appraisal to determine the loan amount that a borrower can apply for. It is generally up to 90% of the total cost. Up to $165 per square foot is the limit on Apartment Building Loans financing unless an exception is warranted.

Multi Family Purchase Loans

If a larger loan amount is needed on a spec Apartment Building Loans loan that is offered based upon collatoral, additional assets such as other real estate, business property or equipment may be collatoralized at the sole option of the homeowner or property owner. This is known as cross collatoralization or "Cross Collatorizing" a loan. It is an effective tool that will allow a lender to finance a larger loan amount, that may be used to obtain a larger loan amount and meet contruction loan loan to value guidelines.

Eastland Mortgage has been offering unique and prompt solutions for spec Apartment Building Loans financing since 1992. All Apartment Building Loans programs are not the same. Commercial Apartment Building Loans, private hard money for commercial bridge financing, or subprime Apartment Building Loans loans may have different terms based on property type, and use. Long Term thirty year mortgage options are available upon satisfactory completion of Apartment Building Loans. .

Apartment Building Loans Money
NY to CA

Apartment Building Loans loans are available nationwide and in all states including California, New York, Washington, Florida, Alabama, Vermont, Georgia, Texas, Wyoming and Alabama. All states have access to both residential spec financing and or commercial Apartment Building Loans loan.

NEW YORK - Apartment Building Loans, Spec and Bridge Loans

New York properties requiring bridge financing, condominium conversions, emergency financing, or Apartment Building Loans financing incljuding and end loan may be approved rapidly. Contact a senior loan officer to determine the time needed to approve and fund your spec, residential or commercial loan in New York.



Luxury Estate & Apartment Building Loans or
Bridge Loans

Up to 20,000,000 fast bridge financing on luxury property to 70 LTV for prime property. Fast answers and immediate hard money closing and funding. Two appraisals not neccessary. Broker opinion of value letter considered with an older appraisal. For new Apartment Building Loans, loan amounts of up to $750,000 are available. Multi Family Financing of up to $15,000,000 is available to builders at a loan to value of up to 65%.

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