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*Interest Only Mortgage
*Interest Only Loan
Jumbo Mortgage, Commerial & Refinance

Interest Only Mortgage Loan programs have become the most popular loan option during the past 24 months. This super loan payent reduction option can save hundreds and thousands on monthly mortgage loan payments. "I/O" or interest only mortgage rate discounts are available to lower the monthly payment of any borrowere. Whether a coop mortgage, a refinance, commercial mortgage or simply a jumbo mortgage - interest only mortgage might be the perfect solution to keeping payments down the first five to ten years. After the interest only payment period is up, the loan will convert to a completely self-amortizing mortgage. That simply means the portion of the loan need to pay off principle will be computed to be satisfied at the remaining term of the loan. For borrowers who fear the payment will go up higher, there are solutions. Some include refinancing to amortize over a longer period of time, selling if that is a plan, or pre-paying some of the principly loan balance during the interest only years, at a time that it is best for the borrower. That can give added freedom and allow a significant.

Additional ways to lower a jumbo mortgage loan payment is to consider an adjustable rate mortgage. Risk can be minimized by selecting a jumbo mortgage with an adjustable interest rate, that is fixed for a minimum of three years or a maximum of ten. That is a great way to keep a payment lower and plan ahead for a time when a new mortgage may be anticipated, either due to expecting to sell, move, refinance, or retire and downsize.

Interest Only Mortgage Loans:

  • $75,000 to $10,000,000
  • Nationwide - All 50 States Commerical or Investment property INTEREST ONLY MORTGAGE OPTION
  • Residential - New York State - Intererest Only Mortage Loan
  • 24 Hour Approvals / SUPER LOW PAYMENT- INTEREST ONLY from 5-10 Years
  • Program designed for Lowest Mortgage Payment on Any Mortgage Loan.
  • Same Standard Loan Programs - "Interest Only Mortgage" Option Available
  • Rate: 11%-14%
  • LTVs up to 100%
  • All property types both residential and commercial mortgage loans.
  • Jumbo Mortgage Loan Payments kept Lower for 5-10 Years with Interest Only.


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