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Eastland Commercial Mortgage is one of the East Coast's Most Popular Mortgage Companies. Commercial Loans, Construction Loans and Investor loans closed Nationwide!

EASTLAND COMMERCIAL is one of the East Coast's most competitive mortgage companies, based in Long Island, New York since 1992. EASTLAND COMMERCIAL offers BUSINESS LOANS purchase, commercial, investor, 2nd home, coop, & jumbo commercial mortgage loan programs to better service our clients. The most popular solution to lowering payments on rising home prices is the "Interest Only Mortgage". This is a low payment mortgage option and is available to lower payments on Loan Products! For emergency loans such as those requiring a bridge loan, hard money or private investor mortgage,interest only may be used to lower the monthly payment.

Discount Refinance rates are available in New York for High-rise coop mortgage and jumbo mortgage loan programs. A Fico score may vary and does not need to be above 700, 600 or even 500. Many factors are considered when determining how a loan will be able to be repaid.EASTLAND COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE has special programs for all types of credit. We do not use the term "bad credit" for a customer who may have experienced a drop in their fico score or other unexpected matter affecting their income.. Our approach is to work to find an affordable mortgage solution, in order to help faciliate the client's ability to improve their credit rating.

Some of the innovative plans we offer include interest only, buy down progams and subsidy buy down mortgage loans. Other new commercial loans are interest only for 5 - 7 years or 10-25.

Bookmark this resourceful mortgage website to have up to the minute financial news from around the globe, currency conversion, stock quotes, a mortgage amortization calculator and more at your fingertips. Check Nationwide Commercial mortgage rates, or New York refinance mortgage interest rate programs. Apply for a mortgage approval online, with a live mortgage chat representative or by phone.

Feel free to interact via email with the EASTLAND COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE representatives. We look forward to hearing from you.



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Refinance Your Commercial or Investor Mortgage at the Lowest InterestRate Possible! Call for an instant low rate comercial / investor mortgage quote. Tel: (631) 725-5000 in New York

Automated Mortgage Loan Approval. Get Pre-Approved in 60 Minutes or Less. Pre-qualify for a new home mortgage or low interest rate refinance. High fico score discount. Low fico score may qualify for conforming mortgage interest rate. Mortgage Loan and Rate Quote in New York. Commercial, Investor Mortgage Nationwide.
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* Special Home Saver Programs
Stop Foreclosure Mortgage /
Bankruptcy Mortgage
Equity Based to 70LTV
85 LTV Purchase 7.2 Interest Rate
Bridge Loans 7.2%
All Property Types - Hotel, Condo Conversion, Multifamily Apartment Financing , Resort, Manufacturing, Retail Strip Center. Church, Gas Station, Autobody, Hotel, Motel Bridge Loan. Fast Bridge Loan

Emergency Mortgage
Hard Money Mortgage

Bridge Loan .

*Emergency /business loans
Stop Foreclosure Commercial Loan
70 LTV 12% & 3

*Private Money

& Special Funds,
*Hard Money Asset Based
Mortgage Loans. Special loan programs for jumbo or commercial hard money & bridge loan mortgages.

Flexible programs, and collateral
options. Will update appraisals, &
utilize blanket, cross collateral and
or equipment and receivables.

Easy, Fast, Fair appraisal reviews on loans. No nonsense up front fees. Fair due diligence and appraisal review and legal expense only. New York, California, Texas, Florida, Washington, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Private Money & Bridge Loan Programs.Hard Money Bridge Loan program, for any credit.

Any fico score program: Good, Bad, or No Credit Mortgage. Foreign National Mortgage.

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Special Mortgage Rates
Rate APR
MULTI FAMILY LOANS (30A/9) 2.75 4.35
MULTI-FAMILY LOW RATE (6 X Rent Roll/ 75 LTV) 3.5 3.91
Spec Construction Loans 8.75 10.45
Super Jumbo NO DOC INVESTOR - Interest Only Opt 8.95 10.12
BUSINESS LINE OF CREDIT - Business Loans in 48 HOURS or less - Any credit    
Investor Coop Mortgage Special - Low Fico, High Rise, Low Rate, Jumbo 4.875 4.98
Below 500 Fico Score - No Fico Score Minimum. 11.99 13.5
COMMERCIAL Mortgage Loan - 15/30 Yr Fxd - 80 LTV
Apartment Building Loans 90% CLTV
(w/10% OF 2nd) 200k-20M
7.1 7.4
Gas station/ Convenience Store Loans - 80% LTV 5.75 6.12
COMMERCIAL 15/30 Bridge Loan NY
$100,000 - 20,000,000 (All Prop. Types) 75 LTV
6.50 7.2
Contruction LoansForeign National Mortgage - 20% Down Payment - No Income Chk.
Russian National - German National - Spanish National
6.9 7.43
Construction Loan, Spec Money - Investors & Land Development 6.25 6.10
HOTEL CONSTRUCTION LOAN - Eastland has a great program for new hotel construction. Flagged hotels, main routes or strong demand destinations. Rates are low. Contact Us Today Prime + 2  
 **Rates subject to change without notice
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Eastland Mortgage is located in Long Island, NY. In addition to commercial and investor mortgage loans in New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, NY, CA, FL, NYC, LA, TX, Boston, MA, MN, VT, NH, Upstate, Rural, Spokane, Seattle, WI, WV, SC, NC, AL, GA, TN, PA, NJ, New Jersey - Eastland offers all types of loans including iincwestor coop loans and commercial mortages., Underlying Coop, Mortgage Loan, Mortgage Loans, Bad Credit Mortgage, NY, Bad Credit Coop, Mortgage, Hard Money, Fast Mortgage, Pre-Qualify, High Rise, Commercial Mortgage Loan, Commercial Hard Money, Condo, Strip Center, Mortgage Rate, Interest Rate, Low Rate, Compare a Mortgage Interest Rate, Co-Op, Cooperative, Good Credit, Bad Credit Mortgage, Hard Money Mortgage Loan Fast., Bridge Loan, and Commercial Hard Money Mortgage, Land Construction Mortgage Loan programs. For Mortgage Glossary information, see the Eastland Mortgage, Mortgage Glossary. In Addition to below average interest rates for excellent or low fico score credit, eastland also has the ability to close commercial nationwide, and close commercial hard money or Hard Money New York, in days. Developers and builders can receive fast bridge loans in Florida or Florida hard money in days.